Welcome to Costa Maya!

Costa Maya cruise-ship terminal is a privately owned port complex and exclusively operated by cruise lines. Local tour companies are not allowed to have pick up service inside the complex nor have any representatives inside the port. All the excursions inside the Costa Maya port complex are operated only by cruise lines, if you book an excursion with Eco Experience you will have to leave the port complex in order to find our location and representatives.

Eco Experience excursions start from our meeting point located just outside the port complex area.

At the end of your excursion we will drop you off at the port complex main gate.

To all cruise ship guests: Previous guests have been misinformed when asking about us inside the port complex. Please make sure you understand where to find us or contact us if you need any further assistance.

All of our excursion’s email confirmations include detailed instructions, a google map link and an image map so you can get to our location easily when you arrive to Costa Maya. If you have not received such email confirmation please contact us at: hola@ecoexperience.mx or fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

The information in this page is intended to help you find us the day of your booked excursion. We do not sell excursion tickets at this location.

Excursion's meeting point location map

Instructions to get to our meeting point

  1. After you disembark, walk or take the trolley from the ship to the terminal building until you reach the entrance arch.
  2. Stay on the right hand side and walk passing the shops towards the exit to the street. The shortest way out of the shopping plaza is under the tower.
  3. When you cross port security you will be out on Costa Maya main street where you will meet a representative of our company.

For reference please see the map below.

Costa Maya port complex reference map.

Contact us

    If you need any assistance finding us you can call us at:

    USA & Canada:+1 (949) 204-0890
    +52 (999) 276-7605